Two Tier Solar Fountain


Two Tier Solar Fountain-Earth Tone
This two tier solar fountain is designed as a self-sustaining outdoor fountain, water is continuously pumped through the top spout. The twirling ridge style of the top piece directs the water around the piece into the first basin which spills into the wide bowl below.

Wide enough for birds on both tiers, you can enjoy the natural elegance of water and wildlife.Enjoy the beauty of a fountain with the attraction of a birdbath with this two-tier fountain.

This Solar On Demand fountain runs in direct sunlight, but has a battery unit as well which will power the fountain on overcast or cloudy days. On the solar powered mode, the fountain will run directly from solar energy; however, the pump will only work in bright and sunny conditions.

To run on battery mode simply press the Battery On/Off button. The battery will now power the pump. On the battery mode, you can power your fountain for up to 4 hours on cloudy days or at night.

A fully charged battery will power the fountain up to 4 hours. When the battery power is depleted, the system will automatically change back to solar powered mode and start again when there is sufficient sunlight.

You can operate the fountain daily using the battery technology for consistent performance even in cloudy conditions, or leave your fountain off, charging the batteries for use when you want it. A wonderful combination of solar energy and consistent performance.
Features of the Two-Tier Solar on Demand Birdbath:
• Two-Tier Solar On Demand Size: 23″L x 23″W x 34.5″H, 22 lbs; Solar Panel: 12″W x 7″L
• Needs direct sunlight to run during day and store energy in battery pack. Fully stored energy in battery pack will run pump for up to 4 hours. Needs 1-2 sunny days to fully charge the battery.
• Durable resin makes the fountain lightweight and easy to move
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
• No operating costs, no wiring.
• Battery generally lasts 12-18 months
• Includes solar panel and pump and stake to secure solar panel to ground. Cord length from the solar panel to solar pump is 14′.
• During freezing weather, the fountain needs to be brought indoors; or completely emptied, dried out, and well covered.
The lifespan of a battery generally lasts between 12-18 months, but with repeated charges and discharge cycles the battery capacity may reduce. You can try to boost charge the battery by leaving it off for 2-3 sunny days to allow maximum charge.

If the boost charge does not help the battery than you will need to replace it. Open the battery cover on the back of the solar panel and replace the batteries with 4 standard AA size rechargeable batteries.

For an additional purchase, an electric battery charger is also available. If there are several cloudy days in a row where the solar panel cannot recharge the batteries fully, you can unplug the solar panel, bring it inside, and plug it into a standard outlet with this battery charger to recharge the batteries.

To see this fountain in the BLACK, RUST, or WHITEcolor, click on desired color.

Assembly Instructions


You can watch the video of this Two Tier Solar Fountain in motion by selecting the video play button below.

Price: $299.95