Take the time to travel with each bell! Try this tabletop fountain’s sound of the trickling water and the sound of gentle chimes! The copper basin is brilliantly made and goes through a special “firing” process to give it an aged patina , durable look (as shown in the photo).

The fountain is designed in such a way,as how the water speed controls the bells . It combines flowing babbling brook water sounds with the beautiful, deep mesmerizing tones of chimes and bells. To see set up video Click Here

The water bubbles up through the two center bells, spilling over into the pool of water in the beautiful copper basin.

Additionally, a protective coating is applied to give the copper extra protection against weather elements, if you choose to use this fountain outdoors.

If kept outdoors, it is possible that, over time, and especially in harsh weather environments, the protective coating can wear off. The worst that will happen, however, is that parts of the copper may get a greenish, antique tint called verdigris.

This will not weaken the structure of the copper basin in any way, and it will not affect the workings of the Water Bell Fountain.

• 16″ Diameter x 7″ High
• Weight: approx. 11 lbs.
• Within the basin, there are two floating brass chime bells that gently swirl around the other stationary brass chime bells, and when those two floating bells touch the others, they make deep soothing bell tones. Those tones, combined with the bubbling water sounds create the perfect relaxing environment.
• Includes electric pump
• The top bell chime is adjustable. By slightly turning it right or left, you can adjust the water flow and water sounds to match your mood. You can even adjust it so that the water spills over in such a way as to NOT move the bell chimes around. This changes the water flow (and water sounds), and it also eliminates the bell chime sounds if you are not in the mood for them. So, you have several options with the water flow, water sounds and bell chime sounds.
• Can hold up to 1 1/2 gal of water.

Assembly Instructions


You can watch the video of this Water Bell Fountain Copper in motion by selecting the video play button below.

Price: $158.00