Water Fountain Covers


These covers perfect for a tiered fountain. Water fountain covers are the perfect solution to protecting your outdoor tiered water fountains or garden statuary during cold winters.

All outdoor fountains and statuary should be covered or brought indoors to warmer temperatures during freezing weather to protect your fountain from weathering and cracking.

These outdoor fountain covers are available in 5 sizes and there is a drawstring at the bottom for a snug fit around your fountain. These fountain covers work great for stone and lightweight outdoor fountains and any other stone or fiberglass garden statuary you have.

*Keep in mind, if you have a tiered fountain you can take the top tiers off and place them inside the larger bowl, so you don’t need such a tall cover. Base your size on width.

Features of the Gray Tiered Fountain Cover:
• Made of reinforced polyethylene, waterproofed and U.V stabalized
• Fountain cover features bottom tie drawstring for a snug fit
• Small fountain cover: 38″H x 138″ Circumference x 44″Diameter
• Medium fountain cover: 63″H x 155″ Circumference x 49″Diameter
• Extra Large fountain cover: 94.5″H x 332″ Circumference x 105″Diameter
• XXL fountain cover: 83″H x 432″ Circumference x 137″Diameter
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Price: from $38.99