Water Auto Fill


The Fountain Water Control Unit – Auto Fill System is used to maintain the water levels of your fountains at a constant level.Stop replacing burned out water fountain pumps, stop wasting water from fountain overflows when you forget to shut off the garden hose, and stop wasting time manually filling your water fountain reservoir. Keep your fountain running continuously with no worries of it running dry.

The Fountain Water Control Unit comes complete with everything you need to immediately connect to any available water supply line. The assembly includes a Plexi-glass flange attached to a rock base (sand, brick, or grey color), adjustable water level float control, 3 feet of 1/4″ flexible water line, and the Fountain Water Control Unit Universal Adapter.

Water supply lines can be any 1/2″ connection including copper pipes, PVC pipes, ABS or metal pipes as well as hose bibs and garden hoses.The adjustable water level float control maintains water fountain reservoirs at your needed level from 2 to 8 inches.

All components (except the stone base) are plastic or stainless steel so rust and corrosion is not a problem.Some cities/towns have regulations that require a back-flow preventer to be installed on all hose bibs.

We have a back-flow preventer option that is compatible with, and available for, the Fountain Water Control Units Universal Adapter for an additional $15.The Fountain Water Control Unit have been field tested in the Arizona desert.

If you have ever burned out water fountain pumps in your garden fountains or wall water fountains, you will understand the importance of these special water fountain accessories. Whether you have outdoor wall fountains, garden wall fountains or yard fountains, you will be a happier home owner knowing that you no longer have to worry about your fountain pumps burning out when your reservoir runs dry.

All outdoor water fountains lose water quickly due to evaporation. Our Fountain Water Control Unit’s water level controller will protect your outdoor fountains from this disaster.Pressure Regulators may weep small quantities of water when in operation. That’s normal and one reason why drip irrigation components should never be used indoors.

We do not recommend that our Fountain-Controls Assemblies be used for indoor fountains/ponds, precisely for the reason that the pressure regulator sometimes will weep as it adjusts to the varying pressure in the line caused by other faucets being opened and closed along the line.

A weeping regulator is not a defective pressure regulator unless it weeps constantly (never stops) – if it were squirting water out of the relief hole like a squirt gun it would clearly be defective and replaceable under our 90 day parts warranty.

• The Fountain Water Control Unit is 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches high.
• Weight: 2.2 lbs
• Used for Outdoor fountains only

Instructions without BackFlow

Instructions with Backflow


Price: $119.95