Water Auto Fill


This Garden Fountain Water Level System is perfect to keep your outdoor water fountains full of water.Water fills your outdoor fountain as needed so you never have to worry about your outdoor water fountain running dry or low again.

The Water Auto Fill System for Outdoor Water Fountains will keep your water level consistent with no worry to you.The Water Auto Fill System for Outdoor Water Fountains comes complete with everything you need to immediately connect to any available water supply line.

Comes with connection fitting for your hose or faucet and a 1/2″ threaded irrigation line. A 10 foot 1/4″ black tubing is supplied with it. Just connect to a faucet or garden hose. The black stainless steel base is sturdy and will hole the system in one place.

Connect the hose to 1/2 pipe or hose bid. Drop the weighted ABS into your fountain and adjust the leveling bulb.Your fountain will automatically maintain the perfect level.

Up to 70 psi of water pressure on the float. If your pressure is greater that 70 psi, use a standard pressure reducer sold at all major home improvement stores.

The easy adjustable water level float control maintains water fountain reservoirs at your needed level from 2 to 7 inches. All components are plastic or stainless steel so rust and corrosion is not a problem.

If you have ever burned out water fountain pumps in your garden fountains or wall water fountains, you will understand the importance of these special water fountain accessories.

Whether you have outdoor wall fountains, garden wall fountains or yard fountains, you will be a happier home owner knowing that you no longer have to worry about your fountain pumps burning out when your reservoir runs dry.

All outdoor water fountains lose water quickly due to evaporation. Our Water Auto Fill System for Outdoor Water Fountains will protect your outdoor fountains from this disaster.

• The Water Auto Fill System is 8 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 3 inches high.
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Black 10′ 1/4″ tubing, Black float and Black stainless steel base
• Includes:Fitting for hose or faucet and fitting for 1/2″ threaded irrigation line
• Float extender included for water deeper than 5″ provided
• Works in water at least 2″ deep


Price: $179.95