Outdoor Stone Fountains


Fiberglass construction is very resistant to weathering and is also easy to clean. Though with the look of real stone, this fountain doesn’t have the enormous weight of natural rock, making it more manageable and easy to move. Fitted with a strong electric pump.

Also included are halogen lights which illuminate each basin bowl at night.Imagine this Lighted Stone Springs Outdoor Water Fountain in your landscaped area, truly a eye catcher. The beauty of the real stone look and the mesmerizing water falling from the top tier down into each lighted tier and recirculating in the basin will have you awing at it every chance you get.

The included recirculating electric pump means that you do not have to worry about any additional plumbing or water lines. All you have to do is plug the pump’s cord into a standard electrical outlet.

*Color can vary slightly on each fountain. Lighting can be different indoors and out as well as differences in computer monitor lighting. Some fountains may appear darker because of the lighting in the room. Therefore, slight color variation is not a cause for return.

Features of the Lighted Stone Springs Fountain:
• 41.5″ H x 39″ D x 36″ W, weighs 110 lbs so it is sure to make an elegantly eye-catching statement in any outdoor space.
• This fountain is made from a durable, lightweight fiberglass making it lightweight and easy to move.
• Fountain includes a recirculating electric pump and halogen lights.
• There is one light in each of the four levels to illuminate the water flowing from the fountain and bring some light to your outdoor space at night.
• Fountain is easy to run, all you have to do is plug it into a standard electrical outlet and enjoy.
• Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for worry-free operation.
• During freezing weather, the fountain needs to be brought indoors or completely emptied, dried out, and well covered.

Assembly Instructions

You can watch the video of this Outdoor Stone Fountain in motion by selecting the video play button below.

Price: $1,199.00