Grates for Fire Pits


Grates for Fire Pits
Complete your outdoor cooking with ease when you install this height-adjustable cooking grill.

The stake end of the pole assembly is inserted into the ground alongside your fire pit and you can rotate the grill 360 degrees.

The height of the grill can be adjusted up or down the length of the pole assembly. The 18″ cooking grill will give you enough room to cook a full meal and the rotation feature allows you to easily get your meal safely off of the flames after it is cooked.

Also, the handle makes it easy to rotate your grill to the desired position. The adjustable grill even comes with a log poker for worry free firewood maneuvering.

The Sunnydaze Height-Adjustable Rotating 18″ Fire Pit Cooking Grill can be installed permanently into concrete or temporarily at campsites, parks or beaches, and removed when the trip is over.

Features of the 18″ Adjustable Rotating Cooking Grate:
• Heavy-duty 18″ mesh cooking grill, so it gives you enough room to cook a full meal.
• Box includes: 2 28-inch pole pieces, arms, 18″ mesh cooking grate, coupling, bolt, handle, and poker.
• Grill features 360 degree rotation for maximum function.
• Height adjustable for max grill height of 42″ and min grill height of 21″; 2-piece, fully assembled 56″ pole.
• Coupling and bolt are used for adjusting height of the grill.
• Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
• Dimensions: 56″ tall stake/pole; 18″ Grate, poker; 10 lbs.
• 2-piece pole assembly (56″ pole when assembled)
• 18″ cooking grill
• Edge around grill to prevent food from rolling off
• A handle for easy rotation
• Grill is height-adjustable and can rotate 360 degrees
• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Price: from $34.95
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