Fire Pit Cooking Grill


With several sizes offered, this metal mesh cooking grate is a simple and efficient way to grill food on your fire pit.

The grate fits snugly against the walls of your fire pit, and the large handles allow for easy removal of the grate.

The X grill marks pattern accommodates many types of food on the grill without worry of food falling through the grate! Grill your food in style with this cooking grate!

Features of the Fire Pit Cooking Grill:
• This mesh grate is available in multiple sizes:
• 19″ diameter grate
• 22″ diameter grate
• 24″ diameter grate
• 30″ diameter grate
• 36″ diameter grate
• 37.5″ diameter grate
• 40″ diameter grate
• Durable metal construction
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Price: from $77.99
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