Steel Fire Pit Grate


These fire pit grates are a great way to turn a fire pit into a barbeque, but you should never cook food directly on the grate. To barbecue or grill food, simply set this on the bottom of your fire pit and put your firewood on top of the grate.

The firewood on the grate, instead of on the bottom of the fire pit, enables air to flow underneath the grate so you can barbecue meat on a cooking grate above.

Additionally, you can set a pan directly on the fire pit grate to cook, using it like a burner. There are six sizes of the Round Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Grates available.

Features of the Round Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Grate:
• Steel Construction Round 12″, 19″, 22″ 24″ 30″, 36″and 40″ diameter
• Heavy Design with 1/2″ Round Bars; 2 1/4″ space between each bar
• Four Strong 3″ Legs
• Black color steel
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

You can watch a video of this Round Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Grate in action by selecting the video play button below.


Price: from $85.99
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