Dragonfly Wind Spinner


Dragonfly Wind Spinner
Find a hummingbird, dragonfly or butterfly in this spinner inspired by the most beautiful flying creatures. Nature’s in Flight Wind Spinner. The Nature’s in Flight Wind Spinners will bring vibrant color to your gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Just the slightest hint of wind sets this magic in motion. This wind spinner is crafted with a gleaming glass ball held in a spiral frame and beautiful metal butterfly’s, hummingbirds, or dragonflies. When spinning, the stationary ball appears to travel! A must have to turn heads and enjoy at your home. Buy your Nature in Flight Spinner today!
• H: 17″ x W: 11″ x 11″
• The Swivel S-Hook adds about 3″ more to the overall height.


You can watch a video of this wind spinner in action by selecting the video play button below.

Price: from $59.99
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