Large Fire Pit Poker

SD_Fire_Side Poker_19inch

Large Fire Pit Poker
This 27″ fire pit poker will allow you to adjust the logs or stoke the fire at a safe distance.

The decorative ball handle reaches over two feet, so when you need to move your wood around use this tool.

This 27″ fire pit poker is a great tool to have around when tending a fire in your fire pit or fireplace. It is easy to use and keeps you safely away from the fire.

Features of the Large Black Fire Pit Poker:
• Overall dimensions: 27″ long
• Weight: 2lbs.
• Poker is made of durable steel so it is sure to be long-lasting.
• Decorative ball handle adds interest and design to the poker.
• Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can watch a video of this Large Fire Pit Poker in action by selecting the video play button below.


Price: from $52.95
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