Heavy Duty Log Rack Cover

SD_ Heavy_Duty_5ft_log_rack_Cover

Heavy Duty Log Rack Cover
Protect your wood from rain, wind and animals with this 5 foot log rack cover. These covers will help ensure that your firewood remains at the ready any time you have a fire!

Velcro and toggle string make for ease of opening and a secure fit around your log rack. Plus, protected firewood means less moisture, pests and rotting.

Features of the Sunnydaze 5 Foot Log Rack Cover:
• Size: 62″L x 24″W x 42″H
• Toggle string for a tighter fit
• Heavy duty polyester material with PVC backing
• 100% waterproof and UV resistant
• Ventilation window to prevent molding
• Velcro front for ease of lifting and fastening
• Keeps wood dry and ready to use
• Fits log racks up to five feet wide
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*Please note that a log rack is not included. If you are looking for a log rack to go with this cover, check out our Sunnydaze 4′ Log Rack.


Price: $79.95
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