Solar Water Fountains


Solar Water Fountains
Made from lightweight resin with a weathered stone finish.  The solar panel is built in, residing in the water basin itself. The 6 volt solar pump in the bottom of the basin, beneath the built-in solar panel, continuously circulates the water through the fountain.

You can operate it solely on solar power, or you can utilize the battery power technology to run the fountain consistently, even on cloudy days or ate night. Battery capacity is 6 hours. Battery recharges during the day with sunlight. No wiring is required, simply install and enjoy.

Features of the Smart Solar Country Gardens Bird Bath:

  • Country Gardens Fountain Size: 21″ diameter x 32″ high — Weight: 24lbs.
  • Solar Pump included
  • Lightweight Resin Material
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Battery capacity up to 6 hours of operation. Easy on/off switch when needed.
  • Needs 1-2 sunny days to fully charge the battery.
  • No operating costs, no wiring.
  • Made in China


Price: $254.95