3D Wind Spinners

31093__14 inch_Double_Wind_Spinner

3D Wind Spinners-Blue
With many gorgeous color combinations to choose from you can compliment any decor with these spinners.

This Cosmix wind spinner has the colored outer spinner with the beautiful copper coated smaller spinner inside that spins in the opposite direction creating a very relaxing, mesmerizing effect on the eyes.

Even a small breeze makes this copper coated wind spinner dance in the wind. As the wind increases, the spinning increases. It is absolutely delightful to watch. Choose from Green, Red, Purple or Blue to bring vibrant color to your outdoor or indoor living spaces.

• L 14″ x W 10″
• The Swivel S-Hook adds about 1″ more to the overall height.


You can watch a video of this wind spinner in action by selecting the video play button below.

Price: from $39.99
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