8 ft Firewood Rack Cover


Protect your firewood with this heavy-duty 8′ log rack cover.The assembled log rack cover measures 97″ L x 15″ D x 38″ H.

The best part about log rack covers is that it doesn’t matter if it rains during the day, your firewood will always be dry and ready for a fire!

The toggle/velcro closure will ensure the cover remains securely fastened to your 8′ log rack. Firewood that is stacked on a covered log rack is less likely to rot or become damaged by insects.

*Please note that a log rack is not included. If you are also looking for a log rack to fit this cover, check out our Sunnydaze 8′ Log Rack.

Features of the 8 Foot Log Rack Cover:
• Front side opens for easy loading and removal
• Opens and closes quickly with toggle straps and velcro
• Attractive fabric top with a protective water repellent and resistant PVC under coating
• 1 Year Warranty
• The assembled log rack cover measures Dimensions: 97″ L x 15″ D x 38″ H
• Dimensions: 97″ L x 15″ D x 38″ H; 6 lbs
• Toggle/velcro fastening
• Heavyweight black polyester; PVC Lining

Looking for a smaller log rack? Check out the Sunnydaze 4′ Log Rack.


Price: $86.95
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