Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pits


A gorgeous combination of style and function, this fire pit looks great in any outdoor space!

Hand-crafted from the Tennessee Ozarks, this is one of the most durable steel fire pits ever made.

These fire pits are safe to place on your deck if placed on a 3ft by 3ft stone that is at least 1-1/2″ thick.

*Please note that a stone slab is not included with the fire pit.

Features of the Asia Wood Burning Fire Pit:
• These fire pits are constructed of heavy-duty 1/4″ thick mild carbon steel and coated with a temperature resistant coating to ensure the fire pit lasts for years to come.
• 1-1/2″ rain drain and maintenance-free iron oxide finish, so you can keep it outside in ALL weather conditions.
• The fire pit’s iron oxide finish is sure to complement any outdoor decor scheme.
• Every fire pit made by Fire Pit Art is numbered by the artist so you know that you own a one of a kind.
• Available in multiple sizes

Choose from 4 sizes!
• 36″ Fire pit dimensions: 11″ Tall x 36″ Diameter
• 48″ Fire pit dimensions: 13″ Tall x 48″ Diameter
• 60″ Fire pit dimensions: 15″ Tall x 60″ Diameter
• 72″ Fire pit dimensions: 17″ Tall x 72″ Diameter

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Price: from $990.00
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