Slate Water Fountain


Slate Water Fountain
Enrich your garden area with this earthy waterfall fountain made of Jade slate that creates a soothing water sounds. This stunning Jade Slate Fountain is meticulously carved, chiseled, and smoothed by hand.

The water flows out from the pool in the top slate tier and tumbles into the larger pool in the bottom slate base, which sits on a beautiful water-proofed terra cotta bowl (where the pump sits). The 2-tier waterfall sounds are absolutely beautiful, relaxing and soothing.

• 14″, 16″, or 18″ diameter, ranging from 6-1/2″ to 8″ high , Approximate Weights: 14″- 26 lbs; 16″ – 37 lbs; 18″ 52 lbs
• Beautiful hand-carved slate with pools of water
• Includes: Adjustable-speed electric water pump that plugs into any regular AC outlet. The cord does not have an on/off switch.
IMPORTANT – Each fountain is like a work of art, and no two are exactly alike. The slate’s texture, color, and carved shape of the fountain you receive may not look exactly like the picture here, but it will be very similar and very beautiful.


Price: from $461.99