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Patio Lighting is one of the easiest ways  homeowners can  subtly but effectively create atmosphere in the backyard. With a combination of ambience and convenience lighting can set the mood for a variety of effects, party, romance, cheer, celebration, relaxation.

There are many options for lighting: LED lights, string lights, chandeliers, accent lights, lanterns etc. With these options you can literally set the scene for any type of mood.

Here are some lighting ideas to impress your guests and add to your backyard paradise.


Bright lights can set a cheery mood and encourage energy. People don’t like to sit in bright, direct light, however, so lighting should reflect on points of interest. For example, around the perimeter of a deck or patio, to accent a plant or an interesting design element in your backyard.

Textures can also be emphasized with light—light reflecting off crystal or metal surfaces can add sparkle.  Shadows cast along walkways by direct bright light is another effective technique for creating visual interest.

Use of color in lighting can also be effective, but careful no to overdo. Warm tones like yellows, oranges and reds increase joy and good spirits.


A relaxed and intimate feeling can be achieved by dim lighting and subdued colors. Warm, soft light is more flattering to faces and less is more…and a few choice lighting accents on tables can enhance the mood.  Keeping the light sources low and hidden adds to the allure. Candles and lanterns are perfect for achieving this effect.

WELCOMING The entrance-way to  your backyard is a great opportunity to welcome guests and set a good first impression while introducing the tone of the event. Lighting can serve the dual purpose of transitioning guests from the bright daylight into dusk and accenting conversation pieces or points of interest.  At night it shouldn’t be so bright that guests are startled by the contrast when transitioning from inside to out and back in from the dark.

People are naturally attracted to illuminated areas, so use light to your advantage as you lead guests through your backyard. Show off gardens and design, if you want your guests to stay on a specific path or seating area ensure that it’s well lit and that other paths are not.

Electronic and solar features of lighting options can create multiple customized lighting effects.  Going from party lighting to a romantic dinner is as easy as a press of a button. Creating effects is easy these days with the help of solar power and electronic controls.

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Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountainsWe have outdoor fountains that that you can add to a patio or deck to blend with the natural landscape.  Our outdoor fountains make a great addition to the yard and can add that special touch to your backyard project.

Outdoor Fountains

After checking out the outdoor fountains in DIY projects you might find it easier to buy one from us and then incorporate it into a scene that you have created.  We offer free shipping with a minimum purchase.  Feel free to browse around and have a look at our backyard makeover ideas.  And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!


buy fountain onlineFountain shopping? Looking for a specific style  to transform your backyard into a serene oasis?  We love the relaxing sound of water trickling and adding a fountain to your landscape changes the whole tone into one of natural and peaceful serenity.


We have several different styles of fountain to choose from.  We also offer free shipping on the fountain with a minimum purchase order.  It could not be easier to order online and have your products delivered directly to your backyard.  We have put together some creative ideas for incorporating a fountain into your decor. Check out these backyard ideas.  And follow us on Twitter!


There are a lot of ways that you can add a natural touch to your backyard without making it seem over the top or gaudy…unless you love that palatial look of Versailles and want that sort of theme for every day use.  We have a lot of simple and elegant styles that can act as a focal point to your backyard theme.

Backyard Decorations

If you are looking to buy backyard decorations to make a paradise that you can escape to right in your own backyard look no further! Fountainshopandmore has a full store of cool backyard decorations that will transform your bare uninviting backyard into an oasis of serenity. Make a playland for the kids and a sanctuary for the adults or a party place for the teens. Amazing things are happening the world of firepits these days and you just have to look no further than Pinterest to find fabulous ideas for backyard projects.

Relax in an Authentic Mayan Hammock

Relax in an Authentic Mayan Hammock


The ingenious design of handmade Mayan hammocks, including their strong, soft cotton & nylon weave, makes them the most amazingly comfortable outdoor hammocks in the world. Available in several different sizes and rich, beautiful colors.

With weaving techniques dating back to the early 15th century, native artisans handcraft pure cotton and high-tech nylon into incredible hammocks of unrivaled quality. Each Mayan hammock has more than two miles of quality cord and can take an experienced weaver up to 90 hours to complete. Soft to the touch, they are incredibly strong! Some can support more than 800 pounds. The end strings are made of nylon thread for extra strength and durability. For nearly 500 years, Mayan Indians have used hammocks as beds.


buy a mayan hammock

Why spend all that money on a vacation when you can invest in your own backyard and turn it into an oasis of relaxation.  Mayan Hammocks are a blissful way to spend a breeezy summer day.  Imagine yourself kicking back with a glass of lemonade and a goodbook.  There are various weaves and sizes for our Mayan hammocks.  Check out our full collection of hammocks.

Creating a Backyard Paradise

Summer is about rest and relaxation, friends, family and fires and soaking up warm weather.  With the cost of travelling these days it makes sense to invest in a backyard paradise that you can spend the most time in.  Rather then a week at a resort why not invest the money in a backyard that you want to spend more time in.  


Create a luxurious environment on your deck or patio by bringing the indoors out! Beautiful lighting options like the Smart Solar™ San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern




Other Ideas


    WOOD RACK COVERS Made from reinforced black PVC, this cover fits over your log hoop rack and keeps your logs dry through rain and snow. Completely waterproof, this cover is designed to endure the conditions of the outdoors. Comes in three sizes: 24", 40", or 48". Features of the Sunnydaze Black Log Hoop Cover: • More Info »
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    by Laura Nesdoly

    WOOD BURNING OUTDOOR FIRE PITS A gorgeous combination of style and function, this fire pit looks great in any outdoor space! Hand-crafted from the Tennessee Ozarks, this is one of the most durable steel fire pits ever made. These fire pits are safe to place on your deck if placed on a 3ft by 3ft More Info »
    from $990.00
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    by Laura Nesdoly

    WOOD BURNING FIRE BOWLS This fire pit comes with a mesh screen to cover the fire and prevent sparks, a poker to safely move wood. You will enjoy the 360 degree view of this fire pit. The mesh side inserts allows you a better view of the fire and extra air flow for a better More Info »
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    WOOD BURNING FIRE BOWLS This 42 inch diameter fire pit is the larger version of the Large Cosmic Fire Pit. The stars and moons design give this fire pit a unique appearance at night when the fire is going while also providing a healthy cross breeze to the wood burning fire.Durable steel construction with rust More Info »
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  • Wind Spinners Metal

    Windspinner Copper
    Timeless,infinite,forever, that’s what comes into my mind when I see wind spinners like this one! Copper spinner within a spinner, and they move in opposite directions. Beautiful and mesmerizing. Comes in 3 sizes. The hand crafted copper plated Double wind spinner will keep you mesmerized. Even a small breeze makes the inner and outer spinners More Info »
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