Hi There, I’m Laura and this was me when I ventured out on part of “life journeys”,…I first moved to South America,this was taken in a part of the jungle where there is gold and all kinds of native ethnic groups .

Here in this region were the Headshrinkers!!Oh Yeah, the removal of the brains and keeping the skin intact that is where the trick comes in! Yes, there is a process.. .for shrinking the heads… How did they do it? More…

When I first moved into this apartment, the patio was literally riddled with garbage and rats. There were all sorts of critters on the walls and yard, believe me if something was crawling on you: you’d better look!! ….What I Did : to Protect Myself!!….

So if you would like to get an intake on what it would be like living in an rat invested environment . Read on here under the title RATS !

I had to create whatever environment I could rustically, which of course made it enjoyable! So now with online shopping people have facility to order and install whatever items they want to make their own oasis

This was ONE of several of my backyards,We had a dog, so we didn’t need a cat. In fact he was such a good hunter he killed over 260 rats and mice while we lived in this backyard!

He developed a hatred for them when he first moved in when some rats were biting him on the nose and hanging off his lips. Some he was very skilled at cracking the rat in the head and killing him.

With Lupe the parrot 5 years senior of King , they were fighting for territorial rights, the things that would happen….Lots of firepit stories!!! Read on more….!

Work Project Manager

Flowing water has been scientifically proven to relax the human mind, and having such a wonderful source of relaxation right on your piece of land, can have a long term positive effect on the entire household.

But our terrace isn’t just about the big and fundamental things, it’s also about smaller design elements, such as lighting and fire pits, that makes our patio look instantly more luxurious and cozy!